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My Writing Benefits from Writers’ Group Membership

Two Wednesdays per month, our local writers’ group meets online. We used to meet in person, but, you know, pandemic.

During our online meetings, each member of the group shares prose or poetry. We read each other’s contributions, and provide feedback using comments (FB). Because we’re meeting online, these comments are available to revisit later as we edit our works.

Sharing our creations during meetings is optional, so some weeks there are fewer submissions to read. Not sharing is a missed opportunity, I’ve learned. Getting feedback on my writing is helpful. The group members provide valuable feedback, whether they ask questions (letting me know I need to clarify the text that drew the question), offer suggestions (allowing me to improve text for future readers), or find a typo.

In return, I have the opportunity to provide each of the writers in our small group with typo alerts, suggestions, and to ask them questions.

My writing improves from interacting regularly with other writers. Not to mention, they’re wonderful, creative people. It’s a support system that I appreciate as a writer, whether we meet online or venture out into the world (beyond online).

If you don’t have a writers’ group, check with your local arts council. Or, start one for yourself!


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