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Self-publishing is “So Easy”

Self-publishing a novel, the 2020 checklist edition:

☑️ ISBN for paperback (owned, or free from pubs site like Amazon)

☑️ ISBN for e-book (“)

☑️ barcode for paperback (ISBNs + prices)

✖️ barcode for e-book (unnecessary)

☑️ finished book (no more tweaking!)

☑️ book in PDF format for print (ISBN & barcode added)

☑️ book in Word docx format to create e-book on Amazon (ISBN added)

☑️ book in ePub or similar format for e-book on pubs site (ISBN added)

☑️ description of book for pubs sites (to help readers locate book)

☑️ keywords for pubs site (“)

☑️ Categories and/or BISAC codes for pubs sites (“)

☑️ cover file PDF for paperback (front, back & spine)

☑️ cover JPG file for e-book (front only)

To properly upload novel for readers to buy:

☑️ Bowker ISBN assignments (optional if using pubs site ISBNs)

☑️ IngramSpark (book content PDF, cover PDF, and ePub* file + front cover JPG)

☑️ Amazon (book content PDF, cover PDF, and docx file + front cover JPG)

☑️ Reedsy (to create an ePub file in the first place)

☑️ Barnes & Noble (optional)

Several of these, I didn’t need when I published my first novel. At that time, I focused on Amazon. The list above encompasses use of several available publishing services. (Most of above I’m using for my new release, though initially I’ll skip Barnes & Noble… we’ll see how IngramSpark goes first).

I’m sure I’ve missed something(s) which will rear its head at midnight on publication day. That’s okay. The capabilities for self-publishing w/ distribution [these days] are awesome.

Once all of this “so easy” publishing is completed, and a novel for sale, the marketing begins. That checklist could include many different options… so, that’s a whole ‘nother list for another day!


* Recently, I learned that IngramSpark will distribute e-books to Amazon to save authors the additional steps of uploading to Amazon… BUT, only if an author has NOT used ANY Amazon e-book (KDP) services for more than 12 months. Still, IngramSpark-to-Amazon may work well for authors publishing their first book.

(Not included above and just FYI, I use Adobe FrameMaker for my writing and layout, from which I produce print-ready PDFs.)

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