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The following are works of varying lengths authored by KF Whatley.

Making Corrections: A Time Travel Novel

making corrections second edition
Making Corrections: A Time Travel Novel (2nd ed.)

Making Corrections: A Time Travel Novel focuses on a widow, her grief, and a strange man she and her husband once interviewed for their newspaper. His refusal to help her leads to an adventure she didn’t expect. Can time heal her wounds?

This story began in 2017 as a short story titled, Corrections, and evolved over the ensuing years into Making Corrections (the 2018 novel), and finally Making Corrections: A Time Travel Novel, published in 2020.

A widow’s wish, as it were, the story-idea came to me following my husband’s death. The thought that a brokenhearted person might seek a unique solution to end their grief was bursting in my chest, and I had to capture this tale on paper.

The second edition, released November 1, 2020, includes revised content and a new cover to match the sequel, Triad of Time.

Note: The first edition of Making Corrections, with beachy-orange cover, is unpublished and no longer available through print/ebook distributors.

Triad of Time

Triad of Time (Sequel to Making Corrections) ebook cover

Triad of Time centers on a time traveler and the old acquaintances he enlists to help him track down a killer and undo his crimes. Published in December 2020, Triad of Time is the sequel to Making Corrections: A Time Travel Novel but may be read as a standalone tale.

Publication of Triad of Time was the culmination of two years of writing, and various development edits and regular edits by professionals along the way. The content is a rather bizarre continuation of the “widow’s wish” mentioned above, as in, if my husband were here, because of a time traveler, what would he be doing with his unique, reclaimed life?

Eclectic Dust from A Cluttered Mind (April 2021)

A collection of short stories with an eclectic batch of characters and happenings of the normal and paranormal variety. This collection is sprinkled with more than a little weirdness.

Approximately 140 pages, with 17 short stories, the paperback was released for Spring 2021… Order now to read during Spring breaks, Memorial Day Weekend, or summertime!

And look at that gorgeous cover! Designed by artist Robin Casey, as the author I LOVE the front and back covers Robin designed. As a possible reader, I hope the front (and back) are so grabby that you buy the collection (and enjoy reading my short stories)!

Officially released/announced on April 2 — to avoid April Fool’s Day — the book is available via Amazon at Paperback price is US$8.99 on Amazon-US… price varies worldwide.

(The e-book version: available from Amazon for US$2.99 starting in late May 2021… though unlike the paperback, the e-book only includes the gorgeous front cover, not the back cover.)

As of April 2022, this short story collection is available as paperback and ebook via the IngramSpark distribution system, including many bookstores.

Coming… Eventually

As our nation’s dystopian mess is cleaned up, the delayed novel, Gardening for the Apocalypse, will be published in 2022. Stoking my hope level in real life so that I may imbue hope within the novel, as originally planned.

Premise: A group of survivors aims to rebuild a utopia from the ashes of their prior society following a one-two punch: a pandemic and regional natural disaster. Can they succeed despite the selfish individuals who survived alongside them? Will all draw together, or must drastic measures be taken to remove the problematic adults and protect the rest who are working toward a strong community? Can one small town’s survivors overcome the feral mindset of the few to create a better civil environment for the many, while keeping to the high road?

A short story version of GFTA made it to the quarterfinals in the 2018 ScreenCraft Cinematic Short Story Competition.

Published Short Stories and More

County Lines: A Literary Journal 2022: My short story “The New Garden” received Honorable Mention (!) in the Carolina Prize for Writing Contest, and is published in the 9th-annual journal.

County Lines: A Literary Journal 2020: “A Writer’s Inquisitive Mind” – “One New Message” – “Miss You” (3 short stories)

County Lines: A Literary Journal 2015: “School Time!” (poem)

County Lines: A Literary Journal 2014: “Where the Rain Ends” (short story) – paperback available from Franklin County Arts Council

A Long, Long Time Ago

2001-2009: Published various non-fiction books and articles covering desktop and online publishing tools. Regular contributor to a monthly Research Triangle Park area tech magazine.

Way back in the early 2000s, I co-wrote and wrote nonfiction books covering desktop publishing, XML, and Adobe software. These nonfiction books are catalogued under a previous (pre-marriage) name and are not listed here.

Writing Adjacent Activities

Member of Franklin County Arts Council and its Writers’ Guild

Member of the Second Cup Writers’ Group

Preliminary Judge for annual FCAC writing contests

News editor, and reporter, for local news site

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