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Between Stories

My latest novel is with a beta reader… likely, the final beta reader. While I’m waiting for feedback — and the edits that will follow — I’m between tasks. This became a good time for me to prepare this author website.

I’ve avoided setting up a site devoted to writing. In my work, I write and edit content for the official work site, and how many websites do I really want to manage? Turns out, the answer is now two. With my second novel coming soon, it’s necessary to have this spot where readers may learn more about me as an author.

I recently realized, too, that there are short pieces I wish to write, but have no place where they belong. Starting now, they’ll be appearing here. My plan (pantser that I am) is to share writing thoughts, reading thoughts, book reviews, writing exercises, background (personal) information related to writing, and an occasional (incomplete) short story.

Welcome, and thank you for reading.

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