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Book Review: “Our Lady of Variety” by NC Author Pat Tiffin

All the good and bad that happens when a miracle comes to a small town. In Pat Tiffin’s new novel, Our Lady of Variety, all heck breaks loose. What follows is my book review of this 2020 release.

I found this novel hilarious. It may be irreverent at times, and some of the characters in the fictional town of Variety, North Carolina, are not so nice, but overall it is a compelling and fun tale.

Poor Carlene, imperfect yet chosen for a huge task by the apparition of the Virgin Mary! Their banter is so much fun. The human struggle that follows kept me reading until I was done. I couldn’t put it down! (Well, metaphorically speaking… I read the e-book.)

This is the second book I’ve read by this author, and she incorporates humor throughout, not just when a character is talking. I enjoy her little tidbits of snark.

As for Variety, I can see the story playing out in a small town… from the grumpy-happy divide to the realistic concerns of the characters, main and supporting.

Oh, and throughout the book are brief sections describing real-life sightings of the Virgin Mary. Neat non-fiction addition to the fictional narrative of Virgin Mary spotter, Carlene, and the folks of Variety, NC.

Definitely recommended. Maximum stars! (Don’t forget to write a book review of your own after reading. Reviews help authors get noticed, especially on sites like Amazon.)

Note that a couple of the town’s most-annoying characters use disturbing words which are difficult to see in print. And, if you don’t want the Virgin Mary questioning church teachings, then you should give it a pass unless you have an open mind / a sense of humor.

For more information on this novel, visit its website:

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