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Book Review: “The Twisted Ones” by World-renowned and NC Author, T. Kingfisher

This is the second book I’ve read by this author, and it does not disappoint.

The mix of creepiness and humor is mesmerizing throughout the tale. Following Mouse on her house cleaning and along her terrifying, snark-filled adventures is something I won’t soon forget. Dang, this is a phenomenal book.

It’s fantasy. Anxiety. Hilarity. Check it out.

Daylight reading may be best. At least, that’s my recommendation. I started reading it one evening, and stopped around 2AM — leaving the rest for me to read after the sun came up. Between the twisted mantra and the mouth-drying scares… I suggest reading it while it’s bright out.

Also, the way the main character’s dog is woven into the story makes him (Bongo) an essential piece of the adventures. Dog lovers may appreciate that.

Tossed in are bits of North Carolina trivia that will have you nodding in agreement to an empty room.

Ten stars! 🙂

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Please note: Because my author website is new, I am adding previous book reviews as content to this site. For example, the above book (The Twisted Ones), I read in late 2019. Nonetheless, I’ve added the review here in September 2020 to (1) add book review content to my author site, and (2) recommend this book, the reading of which still affects me to this day (in a good way; also, whenever I draw the curtains after dark). Soooo recommended!

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